Play Sequence more often based on distance to Actor?

So This is what i got so far:

Basicly it does what i want. When im overlapping a volume near a NPC it fires up the sequence, triggering a sound effect and a visual effect once. BUT i only tiggers once and then i have to leave the overlapping volume to fire it once again. If i use the Sound Cue i cant get my visual effect synced, i guess i have to do something with a “based on distance” module but since im using ue4 since 4 days i cant figure it out :frowning:

basicly when im like 20 meters away i want to have the visual and the soundeffect like every 4 seconds, when im 10 meters away every 2 seconds, 5 meters away every 1 second… or something like this, i want to be able to “identify” the target that is invisible ingame with the sounds.

watched a ton of tutorials, but none of them really helped with my problem since i cant put it into words to google for it… so, here i am. :slight_smile:

thanks in advance!