Play replay recorded on dedicated server with shipped game client


I’m currently working on a replay system for an online multiplayer game. I’m using the Local file streamer, everything works fine in the editor:

  • A replay file is saved on the server
  • I can play the replay in the editor client after downloading it on my dev PC and saving it in Saved/Demos.

But, when I package client target with shipping build configuration, save the replay file in game client root folder/Saved/Demos, and play replay in Game nothing happens.

May be I put the replay file at wrong location ?
Or it’s not possible to play dedicated server generated replay file on shipped game client ? Which is weird as it works in the editor.

I didn’t find any documentation or post on this, thus I decided to start one :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks !

Didn’t find any solution yet. bump !


after some tests everything works fine when packaging the game in development configuration. I read that one differences between both configuration is that the console is disabled in shipping mode. But I can’t believe that’s the issue…

May be there is a plugin or a setting to include replay in shipping configuration.

Any ideas ?