Play on main screen + stop at blueprint editor = editor crash

If you hit the play button in the main screen of the editor and then hit the stop button in another screen (i.e. on the tab that you edit your ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint), the editor is not responding. You then need to shut it down via the task manager.

Please fix that.

Hi Zarkopafilis,

I was not able to reproduce this in UE 4.11.2. Here are the steps I followed: In a Third Person Template press play in editor, Selected Viewport. Press alt + Tab to exit this window and select the UE4ASP_Character BP. Hit stop button in the UE4ASP_CharacterBP. RESULT: Stops in both Main Viewport and Character BP. (I also tried this with Windows docked and undocked as well as with the Character_AnimBlueprint.) -No crashes.

If you have additional information to help reproduce this, please log a bug report on the UE4 Answerhub to the Bug Report section -