Play Montage when other montages are done

Hi guys!

I want to have my character use dual Weapons.
I got it to work to draw both weapons separately via Montages (One for left, one for right).

But let’s say I also want to have the character handle left and right separately, how do I tell a montage to play, when other montages are done playing?

Let’s say the Player holds a torch in the left hand.
The Player pressed the button for aiming and then firing. The Character needs to throw away the Torch and after throwing away, the pulls out the Weapon.
And after the Weapons is pulled out, he starts firing.

Is there possibility to realize this?

you need to develop a system, as a hint i can give you this

You can also use Anim Notifies…they fire at a point in the animation you determine…I have a function named “Next”…The function just plays whatever I have set the “Next Anim” variable to be and I set it based on whatever anim I just called…anyways… Anim Notifies can be learned here if you need more info on them…