Play-Level-Only-When-All-Assets- Are-Fully-Loaded-and-build???

Yes, weird title. I am looking for such node. If not how do I make sure my level won’t play until all textures/assets are loaded? Currently my level starts with low-quality/blurred textures. Is there a “Play-Level-Only-When-All-Assets- Are-Fully-Loaded-and-build” node???

Many thanks

real question is, how do you even manage to make your game start with not loaded textures, all experience what i have with unreal(no level steaming) is - everything is frozen, until level loading done.

haha, good question. You see, only very experienced people like me can do that!! Just kidding. Your question made me investigate my level. I’ve found out that it’s the DOF that was causing the problem. The textures loaded fine but DOF took its time. I had DOF for far and near plans. I made it Far only 0.5 and Near 0.0. My problem was solved. :smiley: