Play in VR issues

I started a new First person project, and added meshes to the controllers so I can see where they are being tracked. And a few other things, like adding a line trace to where the controller is pointing, etc… I’ll start up SteamVR, then start the editor, and Play in VR. One or two times and it’ll work fine. But then when I hit the escape key to exit the sim, the VR world doesnt drop from my headset like it normally does (to the steamvr default world place), the last rendered frame stays in the headset. But in the editor it shows that the simulation is closed. Next time I click play in VR, my HMD will be facing the right way, but my controllers will be rotated 90 degrees to my right. So I’ll be holding them in front of me, but they’ll appear in my peripheral vision to my side. Hitting the default “R” button to reset rotation/position doesnt help. I think last time it did this, I ended up having to restart my computer to get it to work properly.

Any ideas of what I could do to prevent this?