Play In New Window Screenshots Rez Size?

I used to make my old screenshots by.

Turning on game view, changing the ‘Play In New Window’ resolution to x2 my viewport and then hit print screen in the new window, which would then output the correct resolution.

Since the latest update, it seems to not work and only output the viewport size. Which is quite frustrating.

How do we now create high resolution screenshots correctly say around the 2560x1440 region?


Hi Michael,

In the Command Console, you use HighResShot

You can specify resolution by the following means:

  • Input in the form HighResShot 2560x1440 will create a screenshot of each level editor viewport 2560 by 1440 pixels.
  • Input in the form HighResShot 2 will create shots at the viewport resolution multiplied by 2.

These screenshots are saved as BMPs in your project’s Saved/Screenshots/Windows folder.