Play in camera not player

Hello guys,

I’m trying to take the screenshot while in the game (fullscreen, new window). I need specific view before taking the screenshot. However if I just press Play the player is spawned and I’m falling long way down through my scene… Is there any way to start the game without spawning the player, so that I can fly wherever I want and take the screenshot at last… :frowning: I’m probably doing something wrong, so can you please point me in the right direction?

p.s. I can’t take highres screen in the editor due to some weird bug with editor window and post processing materials resolution mismatch… I.e. blendable material think that window size is bigger than it actually is, thus the effect is applied incorrectly, everything is correct if I play the game.

Set your gamemode to “GameMode” -> now you should have a “flying” camera :slight_smile:

Thanks, it did what I wanted.