Play executable online with another computer in BP?

I have spent the last few days attempting to figure out how to make an packaged version of the 3rd person template playable online with another computer (the other computer is with me in the same room, I just want to test to see if it is possible, since if I was ever to release my actual game, I would want players to be able to connect to servers and play together).

I am using my router to connect to in place of a server, but getting no good results so far! Would anyone be able to help me, or is this kind of thing only possible in C++?

I’ve tried the create/find/join session nodes, but they seem to be only for online subsystems like steam or XBL. I then tried running command lines like “open IP address here” even after opening port 7777 and trying on two routers, it still seems to do nothing.

I would be eventually aiming to get it working like it does in ShooterGame now- type in the IP, and host/join games, but I’d like to do it in BP, if possible. If it isn’t, I’m happy to get learning the C++ way, but since the rest of my project is BP only, I wanted to see if it is an option.