Play cue on triggerbox overlap and LMB cliked?

I want the game to play a sound cue while the player is in collision with a triggerbox and when he clicks LMB the sound would play. How could I do that?

Here one possible attempt: you need a bool for your char “CanPlaySound?” which is false as default. Then you go into the triggerbox bp and make a “on begin overlap” event. Grab the “other actor” nod and cast to your character. Then out of that cast make a “Set CanPlaySound?” = true. You need a second event “On end overlap” which does exact the same but instead of true it sets the bool to false.

Last thing is: in your char make a “Input Left mouse button” from there you make a branch and place the “canplaysound” bool inside. If its true make a “play sound at location” select your cue inside and give it the player location.

This videos shows exactly how to do what MajekPL is talking about, here is specific time in video, however I recommend watching entire thing