Play Animation On Collision (ActorBeginOverlap)

Hey All,
Really newb question, but I can’t figure out how to do a seemingly trivial task. I want my grass mesh to play it’s animation when it collides with the ball.


I created a blueprint for the Grass mesh and am attempting to use “Event ActorBeginOverlap” to “Play Animation”.

I can’t figure out how to configure the “Event ActorBeginOverlap” node or if this is even the correct way to approach this.

If I try to add these events to the ball blueprint or level blueprint, I’m not able to add the “Play Animation” Node.

I apologize if this is a very easy thing to figure out, but almost any tutorial I try to find about Blueprints are the same “Trigger a door to move when the player gets near it.” Also, there are not many tutorials with the roller template.