Play animation from FBX when a button is pressed? (VR)


I am rather new to UE4 and blueprints. I am trying to trigger an animation from an imported FBX ( its a simple rotation animation)
I am struggling to find a suitable tutorial that explains this with out me starting to shout at the screen in despair! Mostly due to the fact I am a blundering novice!

How do I do this?

I will continue my search…

Thank you!

  • Willing to learn!

Hello! I am going answer my own question.

I was missing a fundamental understanding of blueprints and Skeleton Mesh components… As when you drag the blueprint into the scene it adds the mesh component and bingo it worked!

Simple if you know it!


I understand that this was a long time ago but could you please explain how you did this (if you remember)
I have an animation which i made in blender and put into unreal for a VR project, i am trying to make it play with a button press (if it could also pause and resume with button presses that would be amazing).

Im not having any luck finding tutorials on it either.

any advice would be appriciated.