Play Animation between Specific Keyframes or pose from a single keyframe


I am trying to create a TFP camera system, specifically for a TFP shooter project I am working on with a couple friends for fun and I currently trying to setup the controls for the animation. I used Maya and have it where the head is constrained to the hand, the IK hand being constrained to a point that is always on the shoulder. This provides a similar setup that is found in ARMA or Squad where the buttstock remains in the pit of the shoulder and the head is constantly oriented relative to the direction of the gun, and then simply by rotating that shoulder point I and the hips etc. I can produce a TFP animation that adheres to keeping the right and left hands in a constant position relative to the camera which is socketed and offseteted to the head. However the issue is when I try to use a blend space I run into the problem of during intermediate interpolation it moves my hands slightly inbetween the final positions of facing directly up or directly down. This poses a issue and would look visually incorrect while holding a gun. Therefore, what I wish to do is simply be able to control the exact frame I am in based on my current animations, which would if I produce a animation that has all possible positions, with the constraints I set in maya, would provide the hand placement I desire for the TFP system.

So finally is there a way within a blueprint to set the current frame of animation or set the pose to from a specific keyframe?

Below is a gif of the issue with Aim Offset (The yellow ball represents where it should be relative to the right hand)

Below is the looking up portion of the animation without blend space ()