Play 2 animations together on mouse movement

Hey guys, i’m creating a school project (horror style video game) so in my game i have the player’s character with a flashlight in the right hand.
Basically when the character doesn’t move i play the Idle animation but when the player look at the floor i have to move his hand down in the floor direction and the upper part of the body too.

So i have to play 2 animations together , but i really don’t know how to do this. I’ve done lot of research but i didn’t found anything usefull . Can somebody explain how to move different parts of my skeletal mesh together on the mouse movement and how to calculate the right angle of movement ?

Thank you a lot guys.

Here is how it works :slight_smile: In this case I rotate my characters upper body into the direction of the mouse -> e.g when I look up (mouse back) the body will move back so that the character rotates with the camera