Plattforming FPS

Hello, im the creator of the jetpack tutorial, and since i created it, i ve been thinking on doing a game with it. Today ive started the challenge to make a complete game in a week or 2, and put it on greenlight.
My plan for the game is a fps character, that needs to clear each level of simple targets. You will have to use platforming to reach those targets and it will be timed, so if you take too long, you have failed.
For now ive just implemented the jetpack and walljump code i had in my tutorial on the basic FPS sample, and created some very basic targets to shoot at. There are glass walls that the projectile cant go trough, but it will bounce on other types of walls. I also plan to add walls that you cant walljump from, and limiting the strenght of the jetpack, or maiby limit it to a few levels.

The code for this has been trivial, and in general, the code for the whole game is very easy to make. My main problem and challenge is to be able to create interesting levels that need some amount of skill to clear, with some difficulty curve. The 3d assets for the game would be very very simple, and maiby i just use the default character model for the targets, and only change the first person mesh. On materials, mainly bright color and clean look, so its no problem for me.
Lets see how this turns out to be, feedback appreciatted.

This is quite interesting. Need any help? I can assist with levels and quick low poly props.