Platformer Game - FOOT IK PLUGIN


I noticed the Platformer Game includes a Foot IK plugin. Will there be any tutorials for this plugin? Does the game example actually use this? Been waiting a while for a good solution to 3rd person Foot IK and if the plugin works as intended (like UDK), will Epic be releasing any documents on the matter? Anyone with more experience than myself (basically everyone) play around with it?

I was under the assumption that the player collision capsule was causing issues in getting proper foot IK, but an old Answer Hub thread talked about this very plugin in what I thought was a solution.


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I asked something along the lines earlier. Seems noone knows or is interested. The twitch stream about it was really pointless. I mean, we can click around in it and don’t find where stuff is done on our own, can we? :wink:

Hi Guys,
We have just done this; A single drag and drop node

Maybe of interst

Hey Alex, that is fantastic.

However, since I’m not a studio and am merely at a hobby/enthusiast level, are there any plans to release a for-non-commercial use version of the foot placement node?