Plateformer game example with blueprint?

Hello everyone,
I just registered and dowloaded unreal engine 4.7. and a few example game projects.
I was really interested in the Platformer game example as I want to make such a 2.5D game using blueprints
(as I only want to use visual scripting). I saw that it was coded in C++ and that there were no blueprint version.
Is it impossible to make it with blueprint or will it soon be provided as a part of the unreal learning material?

I have the 2D platformer game as a BP, is it the one with a few platforms and a sandy background?

No, it’s the 2.5 platformer game with a robot in a town with exploding cars, a helicopter, etc…

Oh… Well, in case it helps, you can turn the 2DSideScroller into 2.5 by changing the players camera mode to perspective like I did.

Ok but I was interested by the player advanced movements: sliding, edge climbing. I don’t think the paper 2D side scroller has these features.

I’m currently working on something like that. 2D Character Engine

I also have a semi finished Samus template from Super Metroid with a Door Transition System and BlockOut Tool available for download here.

And I got a promotion going that if you vote for my Simple CheckPoint System on the Trello Board and send me a PM to let me know, I will send you my JumpMechanic from the 2D Character Engine Project. It has Jump, Double Jump, Wall Jump and more within.

NOTE: Everything is built with Blueprints only.

Cool. But that’s not what I want or at least what I wish.
I wish a 2.5 platformer game example with (at least) same advanced movements (slide, edge grabbing, etc…) that the 2.5 robot game.

Look through how they handle it with the C++ version and you should be able to convert those advanced movements over to blueprints fairly easily.

Unfortenately, i couldn’t do that.That’s why i’m searching a bueprint version. You know, sometimes people have good reasons to ask what they ask.

Are you looking for the way they set up the movement for slide? I think you can find that in the animation graphs. I have the version of that project from the Marketplace and did find some BPs for a number of things. Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place? PM me and I’ll take a look when I get home, but I know I did find ways to edit that little robot without CPP since I’m using it in a game of my own now.

Sorry I’m not more helpful at the moment, at work and can’t check what I had done.

Thanks for your reply.
I already checked what was implemented with blueprint for this character and maybe I missed something but, as said in the epic documentation page (, all advanced movements of this character (sliding, climbing over cars, climbing ledges), were implemented in C++.
And I’m looking for a way to set up such movements with blueprint. Based on what I would learn from this, I could work later on other advanced movements in order to make an action-adventure character.
What do you mean by “edit that litte robot”?