Hey guys! Like most of you, I picked up unreal engine 4 last year when it was released with the idea of starting a little project. Originally I had intended to see how much animation i could plug into a character that I had modeled for school. Naturally, it grew into a game I call Planet_57. Hopefully it will be a 15v15 team based arena shooter set in randomly generating maps, with character progression during the match as well as vehicles and cosmetic customisation. Verticality is huge deal in my project, and the risk of falling to your death is a constant factor. Here is a recent progress video showing off some of the characters features as well as the map generation. Let me know what you all think!

(loud music warning)

I have been working in a bubble for quite some time now, so I lack the fresh eyes needed to have an unbiased opinion about it. It goes without saying but I a appreciate any and all comments and criticisms about what im working on. The best way to improve!

Thanks alot!


That’s without a doubt one of the best I’ve seen on here, love the style of it, reminds me of playing nes when i was a kid, bright and colourful is good :), keep it up :).

Thats awesome to hear L04D3D! Very motivating that you like it!
I have the next week off, and was planning on putting a ton of work into this. Maybe I will add a new video to this thread next friday to show the work. You have added wind to my sails!

I greatly appreciate it.

Hi Thanathose, Looking really good and like lots of fun. Procedural Generated Levels?

Yes sir Techlord. If you go to 4:55 in the video I build a fresh map. Those variables are what effect how the map generates. My plan is to have 3 random setups generated and both teams will vote on their preferred map. I will be adding a couple more variables soon to mix things up. Im in love with procedural.

Thank you for the kind words!

Very cool. Thoroughly impressed. I can’t wait to see this develop.


Excellent Work. I also love the idea of using Procedural and Semi-procedural Generation for everything. I’m using Depth-First Search Algorithm to generate Labyrinths and semi-procedural Collage Construction for Monsters, Weapons, and Armor in Dragon’$ Gold. Are you using a particular algorithm or something custom?

Nothing nearly that complicated! For example, I have a road system that is the first to generate and type in a number value, 80. This means I will check a random spot in a random direction, and if there is nothing blocking the path, I add a road piece. It will repeat this process 80 times, or until it is 100% blocked in all directions. I am an animator professionally, because i dont have the brain for programming :). This example was for roads, but for every aspect of a map (large blocks, walkways, balconies, etc) they have their own logic to how they generate which all result in interesting maps. But again, they are all very simple in practice, im just lucky that it generates fun arenas.

As for your collage construction and Dragons Gold videos, those look amazing! One thing I always wanted to do was build an experience that has not been done before, and it looks like you have something unique going on over there. Im not too familiar with how these forums work but I am going to see if theres a follow option on here so I get notification whenever you post updates.

Also, for whoever would be interested, I am currently streaming as I work. I usually stream weeknights, as it helps motivate me to keep working. I would highly recommend setting up your own twitch account for when you work, its really helped me advance in my project.