Planar Reflections Issue - how to use for 2-sided surfaces (like glass)?

I’ve been working with planar reflections in the last day, since I’m working with a scene that features large, flat glass panels that you can access both sides of.

Currently, I’m using 2 planar reflections with settings that closely hug the glass, with slight offsets and facing in 2 different directions. However, this is causing some issues where only one or the other seems to ever work at the same time. I set one, and it’s good. Check the other and it breaks, but when I grab and adjust it again, it works. I thought it was a threshold I could calibrate, but I’m not finding a way to actually get them to ever both work on the object. The planes both display when not in a ‘game’ view.

Is there a better way to use planar reflections for large, flat, glass panels?

Diagram of current set-up (that’s not seeming to work)

Christ, still no answer after 4 years! What’s the point in having a forum if there’s no help available to common issues we users encounter. I guess everyone at Epic are up the backsides of everyone over at Fortnite.