Planar reflection visibility

Launcher Build.
Version: 4.12.5-3039270+++UE4+Release-4.12
Intel i7


I believe there is a visibility bug with the planar reflection actor.
When I have it “visible” and not “hidden in game”, my performance tanks as expected, it is an enormous scene. It’s 20-40fps depending on the location.
When I turn off the visibility and turn on hidden in game, the editor gives me back my 50-70 fps.
However, when I press play my fps goes back to the 20-40fps, but no reflections visible.

You can see in the images attached that the gpu profiler shows correct when visibility is enabled, and totally false when disabled. In the editor everything is fine, but it seems in play mode the data to render is collected and not used or something, and not shown in GPU profiler. I Don’t want to have to delete my planar reflections to test my scenes, am I missing an " enabled’ button somewhere?

EDIT after more testing:
If I delete the level the planar reflection is in (sublevels), the framerate keeps being so low. GPU profiler still doesn’t show the usage.

Thanks and have a good day.

Hi ,

I’m not seeing the same issue you’ve reported here on my end.

When set the Planar Reflection options for Visible to false and Actor Hidden in Game to true I get the FPS I would expect as if the Planar Reflection is not enabled. I made a simple scene with many sphere actors that are directly lit so that there is an obvious cost here while leaving the PR with its default settings.

The screenshot you provided that I can assume is where it’s disabled when you Play doesn’t indicate it’s running. The Scene section is taking a hit at 14.8 ms though.

If you have a sample project that reproduces this from a blank project and simple test assets I think that would be something worth investigating and you can post a link here. Using your already created project isn’t necessarily a good base to start from since there could be other factors here causing the issue.

Thank you!