Planar Reflection on Cylinder?

Is it possible to use planar reflection on a cylindrical object like shown below?

I mean, logically at least a cylinder isn’t a plane.Reflections (Part 2) Planar Reflections & SSR | Tips & Tricks | Unreal Engine - YouTube
I would just crank up the sphere reflection capture size a bit.
Otherwise you split the cylinder into at least 6 sections and tie each one to it’s own Scene Capture 2D, and use the result of the Render Target in the material of the cylinder section and you get custom reflections you can alter to taste. Mind you, balancing the edges to bend correctly is hard.
And I would definitely never do this for something that’s not for Cinematic or Static Render purposes.

right… lol; I wasn’t sure if the so called “Planar Reflection” just really only works for planar. Or like ray traced reflection that also gives you a much more accurate reflection. Increasing the Reflection capture size unfortunately doesn’t do it. Initially I wanted to have a mirror installed… a mirror on the inside of the cylindrical geo. Doesn’t look like the reflection sphere can handle that thing.

Sooo… what else could you do to make this work for runtime?

What size in meters and what kind of accuracy are you expecting?
a Box capture, with the texture size maxed out. May provide enough info for regular reflections to work.

Otherwise, like I said. Section it off, use the center of the section to place a screen capture 2d, bake a texture and save it so its not running at runtime, and make a material that uses the captured texture.

Then, set the capture to only capture what you need. Maybe the character. Maybe the bottles (make sure they are removed off the inital bake if thats the case).
This way it will cost way less to render each section at runtime.
With that, you can then overlay the real time texture to the static one within the material.

Not the easiest thing.

I’m sure you can find distortion math formulas to use for simulating the curvature effect of the glass. As you know, a circular or not flat glass will cause distortions on a side or another.