Planar Reflection CaptureEveryFrame bug?

Hi all

I noticed that the Planar Reflection Actor has a ‘capture every frame’ and ‘capture on movement’ checkbox, which I’ve unchecked but the actor seems to ignore that and continues to capture continuously.

In the level blueprint, I’ve added a reference to the planar reflection actor and when searching I can ‘get capture every frame’ and ‘set capture every frame’ but nothing that would indicate updating the capture ( similar to how you can ‘Capture Scene’ for a SceneCaptureCube Actor.

Has anyone managed to configure how frequently the reflection actor updates through blueprint? Is this currently broken?

Thank you!

Are you trying to use the planar reflection actor in a similar way to a capturecube or capture2D? selecting when to update it, or how frequently? I’d think if it’s capable of capturing every frame, then it’s capable of capturing at other rates slower than every frame. What frequency do you intend to use?

Exactly! If it can capture every frame, why not every 1/4 frame? I just can’t find any way to actually update the capture actor and the bCaptureEveryFrame bool doesn’t seem to work :confused:

I’m thinking of using math operations (divide, add, 1-x, exponent, multiply, frac, etc) to do it, but not sure if it would work within a blueprint how it would work in a material.