Placing objects/meshes on uneven ground?

Hey everyone, I’m making my terrain for my game and I came across a problem I have with placing objects on uneven ground.

I have this prop that has 4 ground contact points, sort of like a table. I want it to be perfectly level with the ground, but it’s uneven terrain. It is extremely time consuming manually changing the angles for it to perfectly match the terrain so it’s not floating.

However, I’ve found a solution, it’s much better than manually changing the angle. What I do is:

  1. Turn on simulate physics
  2. In-game, “get actor rotation” and convert the pitch, yaw, and roll to XYZ
  3. Write down the values, and manually punch them in so it fits the terrain

This is still pretty time consuming but it’s a lot better than doing it by hand.

How do you easily and quickly place objects on uneven terrain so they’re not floating?

Thanks for reading!