Placement script generator - Auto assigns correct mesh

Hi All,

So after having trouble with tom shannons unreal exporter for 3ds max i ended up writing my own which some of you may find useful. Im currently testing it at work in day to day operations.
Basically its a tool that will auto generate the script needed to automatically place your assets AND assign the correct static mesh.
Consisting of 2 tools, a maxscript to gather data from the max scene and an executable that assembles the placement code, At the moment im able to select hundreds of models all with instances and place them in unreal instantly without having to manually assign meshes.
It currently relies on you having asset files at the origin with no transforms applied so that it can take the correct transform data from max rather than from the model.
Each mesh is an instanced mesh so the scenes are incredibly quick and they all retain their local pivot which was great for my purposes. Im having some trouble with the rotation transforms on my objects at the moment but im trying to work these out.

Ill keep you informed.