Place Hierarchical Static Mesh in Specific Locations/Coordinates

Long story short, I am trying to place seats into a stadium. I want to do so with blueprint to obviously keep the model running quickly.

Is there a quick way to do this with blueprint? Currently in the model I have a simple 2d plane in the location of each seat. I figure there is a quick way to take that location data into blueprint and use it to place seats. But, I have had trouble finding such a technique online…Any thoughts. Much appreciated.


Hi man,
If you have a lot of seats, is better make them a unique static mesh,
i am pretty sure that 1 mesh of 1000000 tris run better than 1000000 static meshes of 1 tris.

But i got a similar problem once, and i came up with this.

I have created a new actor, but is not a must,
i have placed in this new actor a Scenecomponent with a mesh child. Renamed them Locator & Deletable mesh.
I duplicated this pair for some column and row to have the "project " of the seats.

Once sure i deleted the mesh and remained with only the Locators.
For my thing i grouped them at hand to , i made 6 array with inside groups of locators.

When i need to place the things, i loaded the Arrays and spawned the meshes onto the locators.
This made me able to spawn a lot of things just getting the 1°column and then clone her + vector 100,0,0 for example