Pixel Streaming: Multiple individuals access UE4 from chrome, always crush

[FONT=宋体]I use pixel streaming develop our project, all function can be used in chrome, I think it is a very great product.
[FONT=宋体]But It crush very frequently, especially when multiple individuals access the server, crush - crush - crush.
[FONT=宋体]now I update the project as following step:
[FONT=宋体]1、use pixel streaming, but dont use pixel streaming interface, just send conent by web socket。
[FONT=宋体]2、start fire wall and set white list, only a few ip could be agreed to access the server.
[FONT=宋体]Now project could run, but it is not good enough, could you give me a better method?

现在只要多个人在页面点点,不晓得什么时候,又会崩溃,我只能写自动重启的脚本,来自动重启UE和web 服务, 可是用户体验还是很差,有什么方法,让多人访问不崩溃的。