Pivot Painter For more than Max?

So looking at this pivot painter tool looks pretty good, would be nice to use it but I am not going to drop all that green for 3ds MAX and or learn yet another program ug. I am no expert of modeling programs but can we assume that you are working for a plugin to other modeling software as well?

And just to poke fun slight the consistency of application support is weird. I would get it if you released it only for Maya because your ART tool is just for Maya. But now you come out with this little nifty tool but its only for Max. I am waiting for you all to come out with some sort of other tool that only works in blender just to round it all out and make it very clear that to utilize all the features you have to buy every other software in the world for UE4. I would almost rather just see you say look we endorse just this software and this is all that’s going to work and so be it. The cost is the cost but your never going to get hit with another hey look a new feature but go buy this to do it.

You make a good point but game development is a little messier than it would be in an ideal world. A lot of our environment artists and some of our tech artists work in Max while others work in Modo. Animators almost exclusively work in Maya. While yes it would be great to support every dev tool or to pick just one to write tools for we have limited resources and therefore can only support the tools that are most prevalent for a given discipline.

I think you make a good point though. I believe max supports python now so perhaps we will see cross platform scripts at some point.