Pivot-Move in Editor dosen´t work


since updating to 4.8.1. I can no longer move the pivot from my object. by holding down the middle mouse button.
It only moves the scene around ?

i switch back to 4.7 and its working properly fine.
trying so much but not find a solution

Thanks for any Help,

Hi Aragom,

I’ve tested this with 4.9.2 and I’m not seeing the issue you’ve described.

I hold down Alt + MMB on the White Sphere when using the Move tool and I can adjust the pivot accordingly.

If it’s not working in your main project, try creating a new blank project to see if it’s a project specific issue, which has been known to happen with some things.

Let me know.


Hi Tim,

since 4.9 it work fine again.
Only the 4.8 series doesn´t work…

Thx for your answer… :slight_smile: