Pitfalls for working on the same project with macs AND pcs?

Noob here, working on my First Big Thing.
I have a project I’m working on that’ll mostly involve working on a good rig at home, but I’d like to do some C++ coding - nothing too graphically demanding - on my macbook pro. I’ll be using XCode on the mac side, and visual studio on the PC side, working on the same files, presumably.

Are there any obvious hazards/pitfalls, compile-wise or anything-else-wise, that I should be aware of?


Salutations mhazani,

I assume you’ll be transferring the files back and forth using version control. One important thing to remember is to exclude your visual studio project settings files as you won’t need them on the mac and it’ll just clutter the repo. This goes in general though that anything you don’t need to be transferring back and forth should be excluded from the repo.

Thanks @, that’s a great point - I’ll make sure to add my Xcode and VS settings files to my .gitignore. If anything else comes to mind (I’m particularly worried about various compile discrepancies), I’d love to hear it.