Pitchipoy Rigify to Unreal

Hey Unrealists,

I’ve been wrestling with how to export a pitchipoy rig over to Unreal. What info I’ve been able to scrounge up suggests that I need to make a shadow rig or find some scripts that get rid of all the non-deforming bones in Blender.

At the moment the error message I get is: Warning skeletal mesh influence count of 15 exceeds max count of 8. Influence truncation will occur. Maximum Ignored Weight 0.047
and indeed there are a lot more bones than the intended deformation bones in the hierarchy. The skinning is all out of whack too.

I’ve tried the script from this tutorial to no avail:

Of note is that for now I’m trying to get in just the Skeletal mesh and skeleton, there are no animations. I also have more than pitchipoy’s standard number of bones as I added some extra samples for the rig.

Anyone have some good sources or tutorials? I thought having such an amazing rig shortcut would make things easier, but like everything else in the tech pipeline it just makes something else more complicated.