Pitch black after building the scene

Hi all, any ideas why the scene goes pitch black when I build it? I have all the lights set to static, but when I set them to movable, they work after building the scene? Any ideas why?

Also when I build the scene, I get the “Maps need lighting rebuilt” error. The only solution so far is to set the lights to movable but I heard that isn’t very good… Thanks.

A movable light doesn’t require a build, it’s 100% dynamic and won’t use lightmaps.
If, after the build, with static light, you don’t see anything, try raising your lights intensity… sometimes if the scale of the scene isn’t 1:1 with real-world, you need huge intensity values to have a bit of light.

Also, make sure that you’ve adjusted the lightmap resolution of your objects so that it’s high enough for whatever the object is, the default of 64 is not likely to work for many objects. Another issue could be your lightmap UV’s, if those have problems like overlapping then it can cause stuff like that.