Pinball mechanics: Ball stucks on colission

Currently i am creating a Pinball-Prototype using BP. I have a pin which rotates when pressing L(Add Actor rotation), and Ball to hit. SOmething that is currently odd:
When the ball hits a wall, it get’s stuck for a moment and then rolls down slowly.

This is the aproximated route of the ball:

with the given speed(at it has a good speed) i expected it to collide and bounce off or slide upwards along the wall, but not stop. Already tried materials like ice or metal, but no success.
In this case, the table is tilted by 20. But it’s quite hard to place objects on this(at least for me atm) so i tried using a BP-Ball with a steady applied force on a horizontal table. Same result.

Someone has an idea?


Ok, fixed. The problem was the pipeshape of my borders. Using blocks now.