Pile of rag dolls

I’m trying to make a small room that fills up with rag dolls from skeletal meshes. They are spawned every second from a door in the back.
Even using the default third person mannequin, after a few rag dolls pile on top of each other they start shaking and jittering in a very unnatural way. By the time the room fills up, you can barely make out if what is shaking around is a human figure.
I have tried messing around with dampening as well as sleep threshold in the physics constraints in the automatically generated physics asset…nothing seemed to change this at all.
Is there anything else I can try? The tutorial on PhAT is very outdated and I can’t find anything else that is helpful.
Thanks for any help!

You need to code the ragdoll to be disabled after it reaches a steady state. There was a couple of posts on how to do this in this very forum a couple weeks ago…

Thanks so much - I found this https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/…hot/index.html
But the problem is that they don’t reach a steady state. They are coming in through a door. There is an emitter type thing I programmed that drops them onto a blocking volume that’s tilted to spill them in through a door. Eventually the room fills up with bodies. When I turn off the ragdoll and disable set all bodies simulate physics…they just stay still and block everything else from coming in.

Time when they sit still. Give it a delay of say 1.5seconds before going to the snapshot and you got “something” because it won’t be the same as detecting when the rag doll stopped moving, but they won’t twitch for long even when they twitch at least.

Doing it properly would involve checking the PHAT asset and making sure that the articulations move properly, then detecting each limb’s contact and disabling from simulated physics to kinematics - or some similar workaround.
there won’t be a specific hierarchy for when collisions happen, they’ll be rather random…