Pickups respawn at game load ( from save game)

hey guys i created a game with power-up pickups (heals shields speed…etc.) the problem is when the player go to the main menu and load the game from a save slot every pickup is respawned so any idea how to fix that? (other than create a Boolean checker for each of the pickup cause there’s a lot of them )

You can save the display names in an array in the save game…

I don’t know how well that will work in a packaged game.

Hi there,

If you want to save your pickups in your level, each pickup item needs to have a unique ID.
Then, you save item + ID into your save game. Also, your items need to be placed in the world during level designing, not spawned in runtime.

Here is the official tutorial from Epic Games, which also includes a sample project for download.
Blueprint Runtime Saving and Loading: Introduction - Blueprint Runtime Saving and Loading (epicgames.com)

so i must deal with each one individually ? that would be impossible there’s over 50 pickup

Yes, correct. Your pickups should be created as child blueprints of the same parent class, and each one placed in the level should have on unique ID on the level. Save games cannot save actor instances, because they are only virtual representation of your pickups. Also, for every game session, different instances are created for the same objects, so there is no way to identify which one was picked up without a unique ID.

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