Picking up objects is making me walk funny

I’m in the process of learning how to make my character “pick up” an item, not to put into an inventory or anything, but to hold, like a weapon. I’m not sure how to describe the process by which I did it (I just followed a tutorial), but basically I placed an empty actor in my map with an overlap sphere around it. When the player walks into that sphere and presses E, the weapon is spawned at a socket on the player’s hand.

The “weapon” itself can be any static mesh, assignable in the weapon blueprint’s viewport. The mesh that I want to assign as the weapon makes the character do some weird stuff. When I pick it up, I just start flying all around the map. In the interest of science, I’ve been experimenting with assigning other meshes as the weapon, such as chairs, pillars, arrows, you name it. Most of them screw up the controls in some way once picked up. The pillar, for example, makes me walk sideways when I hit forward, the arrow makes me walk diagonally, the chair doesn’t do anything; I can walk straight with it.

Is it a collision thing? Physics? The effect that each mesh has on my movement is consistent each time assign it. Any advice on what to tweak to fix this problem?