PhysicsVolume : OnActorEndOverlap prematurely triggered

I think I have a bug here using trigger volumes within a Physics volume.

I’m using a physicsVolume to play with gravity, and it uses : OnActorBeginOverlap

When the player leaves the volume : OnActorEndOverlap resets the gravity back to 1, sets the music etc… however, when solving puzzles within the physics volume, the first trigger that is hit, causes the OnActorEndOverlap to trigger, abruptly ending the low gravity and music, until the player leaves the space and re-triggers the OnActorBeginOverlap again.

I have narrowed this problem down more through hours of testing. It seems to be related to the Destroy node in blueprints. So if i am in a Volume, physicsVolume for instance, I have a pickup that gets destroyed when I plug it into a puzzle. The destroy, triggers the volume to EndOverlap. I can’t say why this happens, that’s why I think it’s a bug.