PhysicsConstraint vanish after toggling physics off and back on

I am trying to save performace by disableing door physics (set simulate physics node if set off) when player is far. But when toggleing the physics back, the PhysicsConstraint-components seems to vanish and the doors just fall onto ground. Is it bug or am I missing something?

As extra question, is there culling for dynamic lights? Using own loops to toggle those too, but if there is better way I would be interested to know. :slight_smile:

Hi SaOk,

I attempted to reproduce this behavior but I couldn’t get your results. The physics constraint keeps working correctly.

How do you have your door setup? Is it self contained in a blueprint or is it setup in the level and changed through the Level blueprint? Please feel free to post screenshots.

Its self contained in actors blueprint. This is my step up.

When e.g. tried with 200 range, the door works first right.

Then you move far and it gets static.

But when getting near the constraints have effect nomore and door fell down.

I tried few tricks but no success so far. Thanks for all help so far. Very quick responses here. :slight_smile:

StaticMesh is ofcourse the door. Box is character collision.

I’ve been trying to reproduce this but I still can’t get the physics constraint to break. If you have time, could you create a test project that showcases the issue?

Strange. I will test it more during next days and send possible repro.

Hi SaOk,

Any luck finding a repro case?

Sorry took long, but did more testing now and its the “set collision enable”-node, that is set no collision for the door component, that breaks the constrait for me. I took that node away (which ended the issue) and using now “set collision response to channel” instead to ignore pawn and worlddynamic. That allows AI to walk through doors when player is no nearby. So no problem anymore. :slight_smile:

ps. Only noticed that “set collision response to channel” lately, very handy to use for other features too. E.g. having now breakable walls that can be repaired back. Only spawning destructible mesh when needed and hiding the orginal static mesh.