physics rope blueprint

i made an actor that makes a rope out of capsule collisions so that it interacts with physics. i was goin to use it for a game but i figure it probably needs a lot more work so i’m going to post the project here and hopefully get some feedback on ways to improve it. or you could just mess around with it like i do most of the time. it’s all blueprints, nothing is commented on altough i made a video that hopefully will help show how it works possibly maybe.

video link:

download link:!AvSqHq0VpQ8Ug4BTh1JFGJ444iKKLg
added a onedrive link, hopefully it works

known issues:

  • code is not very readable
  • the mesh used for the rope is way detailed and should probably be replaced
  • freaky physics at times
  • hard to get the behaviour you want. string vs cable
  • probably don’t put hundeds of ropes in the same scene and definetly don’t try to use it as grass. trust me
  • doesn’t work in multiplayer i think

what do you think?
also how can I improve this post? is this even the right section?

It seems to be the right section, community content, if you upload it here, yep, that’s the place… Mhm…
You could add some screenshots of how to configure the rope to behave differently, so one can implement it fast in his own project.

I actually love it, keep going…