Physics - overlap CCD for fast moving kinematic actors?

I’m trying to work out how to make CCD work for fast moving kinematic actors for overlap. I have a trigger shape and I want to trigger reliably when the kinematic actor (motion controller) touches it. Can I use hit for this when it’s a kinematic actor against a static mesh? I have no objects under physics control in the scene. Currently if my actor is moving fast enough overlap doesn’t always trigger.

How fast is “fast enough”?

I’ve been using it for bullets at 950 m/s without any problems so far, however, I use a hit event. I think, it’s more likely that you’ve mis-configurated your collision somehow.

Oh, so hit events work fine for CCD when kinematic? So your bullets aren’t moving with physics and are kinematic? This is with 4.14.1

950 m/s is fine.

Well, I don’t see any reason, why that should not work properly… I’m not directly checking against geometry which is attached to a motion controller, but it reliably hits anything I want… you can attach a hit box to your motion controllers and configure the collision properly… then just shoot your hands and see what happens… Hang on… I even had the case where I was trying to hit my head (bounding sphere attached to the HMD) and that went well… just check your collision settings…