Physics Handle for Pawn

I’m Pretty new at this, so forgive me if this seems obvious.
I’ve got a physics handle set up to reproduce the kind of telekinesis I’ve seen in games like The Force Unleashed and Psi Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy
So far it works great on static objects set to simulate physics.
To use it on a pawn, I have it Cast “Set Simulate Physics” to the targets Capsule Component.
This has been working alright, but comes with a few problems. Primarily, when the pawn goes ragdoll, the static mesh is now hanging by it’s pelvis. Also, while in ragdoll, The pawn’s capsule component will begin to sink into the floor.
I’ve been following the first few episodes of Jonas Molgaard’s “Ragdoll 101” series on youtube to get a basic ragdoll, if that matters.

So my question is: Is there a different way to grab an enemy pawn using the physics handle?
And if not, how would I go about grabbing the pawn at, say, spine_03? I’ve tried setting Grab Component at Location to spine_03, but the mesh just kind of wiggles and doesn’t move at all.