Physics Gun problems

So I am making a a physics gun, but I’m having trouble with the movement.

What I do it i set the location of the static mesh to be the same as a scene component that is in my pawn ( aka the end of the hand ) .
I also null the velocity the mesh has because after it is released it continues to move as it was never held.
This leads to a problem - when I let go of the mesh it has 0 velocity. So it stays in the place where I released it.

**How can I add velocity to the direction the player has “flicked” the mouse? **

Can I “attach” using a physics force that pulls the object as it was held . This way I wont need to change the velocity and when the pull is removed it will act as I wish

I made a Physics Gun while beta testing Unreal Engine 4. Although its old you might find it useful. :slight_smile:


I checked out your physics gun and it has something ive been trying to do the last couple of days, i basically want to set the middle of the crosshair to the “mouse curser” so when i use input OnClick it will take whatever is in the center of my crosshair and attach it to myself. Which part of your blueprint does this exactly?

Also do i have permission to modify and use for my own project? , it’s just what i have been looking for, great learning material

I really don’t like traces . I managed to get the physical objects to move with a simple overlap capsule , and by making their velocity = to the players as long as they overlap . The object moves with the player and retains its own simulation.
This leaves only one problem the player cannot rotate the object.

For me this is not BAD but I would like to make that choose. The problem is that the pivot point in the majority of my meshes are offset so they snap easily and when I snap the object it starts looking weird.

**So I need a new “snap” point. any ideas **

OK I made friends with the tracers , but I still see no way of making a “socket” in the static mesh where the impact point is .

Also I made a custom socket in my mesh and I cant get the mesh to use it as "center for when the mesh is being carried "