Physics disables scene component. Why?

I came across this problem and not sure if it’s a bug or I’m missing something.

The setup is simple:

• a blueprint with a static mesh component and a scene component as a parent of the static mesh component
• I just want to be able to change the scale of the static mesh changing the scale of the sense component
• If physics are enabled changing the scale of the scene (or location) doesn’t have any effect on the static mesh

I tried to disable the physics before changing the values of the scene but it doesn’t work either. it seems that as soon as physics is enabled the scene component does not update the child. However if I print the new values of the scene they are updated, it is just that they do nothing as if the scene was detached.

Ok that was it. When enabling physics the component gets detached. I had to attach it again in the logic to fix it. I’m saying in case it helps someone in the future. But if anyone knows a cleaner way of doing it please lmk.