Physics Constraint Linear Motor Does not update "max force" of a instanced blueprint actor in level

A Physics Constraint components Linear Motor Does not update the “max force” value of a instanced actor in level

This means I can place a custom “blueprint actor” physics rig in a level, tweak its physics constraints motor values, and only some of the values are applied to the actor in the level. Placing a fresh actor has the correct values.

Steps to reproduce:

-1. create blueprint class

-2. add 3 components

 cube as root element
 cube above the first (-200z)
 physics constraint connecting the cubes, locked on all axis, free only on linear Z

-3. set the linear motor position Z to -300, strength to 5000 and max force to 10000

You should now have a sprung cube you can drop in a level, simulate or play with it placed on the ground, and it will spring off.

-4. alter the blueprint to reduce the spring force to 1

-5. place another copy of the actor in the level, near the first

simulate or play, and the first actor will spring off, while the second will flop.

upon closer inspection, the first actors physics constraint component contains “—” as the value for strength, and max force too, also similar values on the angular motor.

Physics constraints values of instanced actors should be updated on all fields when their blueprint is changed