Physics constraint issue


I am testing the Physics Constraint actor, it works fine, i have an object dangling from another one, but when i launch my game in standalone the object just falls to the floor like the constraint didn’t exist, any ideas?


Just tested it in a new project and it seems to work, now sure what is going on in my current project, any settings somewhere that could affect that?

Turns out sg.EffectsQuality 0 was the problem, setting it to 3 solves the issue

I’m having the same issue. Can you go into a bit more detail in how you created you physics constraint?

Hi Frankie,

I followed this and that guide

It was as simple as putting object 1, 2 and the constraint actor in the scene, then assigning object 1 and 2 to the constraint

The stable (Top) object is static, the one that is dangling from it is moveable with simulated physics and gravity

I had some things working in 4.4 and in 4.5 they stopped working

I had this EXACT issue. You can follow the looong support thread on answerhub (and solution) HERE

I’m also experiencing this issue, I was able to constrain two meshes previously, however when attempting to dynamically create them yesterday, they failed to constrain. I assumed it was a problem with dynamic creation and attaching. My previous working attempts were done statically. I really hope setting the effects quality to > 0 solves this, so thanks for the suggestion!!!

So it turns out that my problem was because I was attempting to enable my physics constraints in the constructor, I enabled them on the begin play event and it all worked :smiley:

I am having much the same issue, as I posted in this thread:
](constraints fail on play - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums)constraints fail on play - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

ULLS, how are you enabling constraints in the begin play event? I am turning on simulate physics, wake all rigid bodies and enabling gravity in my begin play event, but I can’t see a function to turn on constraints. The rest of my blueprint all exists in the construction script. sg.EffectsQuality 3, does not fix the problem for me.

The one thing I am yet to try is to remake my blueprint in a new project.
Cheers guys.