Physics Constraint between 2 Bones of Skeletal Meshes

Hello once again answerhub,

I’ve got a question regarding the PhysicsConstraintsComponent.

So far I’ve got an actor with a skeletalmesh who is using a physics constraint and it works fine. However I have a runtime event that when it gets called (upon overlapping with the player character) I’m setting up the values of a 2nd costriant, for a specific bone to be constraint to another bone within my player actor. It is being constraint because when I eject, I do se the link between them, however, when it is initially made… the skeletal mesh of the constraint actor starts going all around the room, and after a few seconds it settles down and moves acording to the costraint, but I’ve centered the constraint in the bone of my character, and so my hands moves the oposite way… so what it looks like, its as if the constraint its repeling the first bone from the last, although they move together.

So I think the problem is how would I go about moving my first bone from first skeletal mesh to close the gap or distance to the 2nd bone of the 2 actors skeletal mesh. Also why is it that when its initially set, in flaps around everywhere for a few seconds before staying put, its as if some sort of collision problem when assigned the new constraint.

So I’ve narrowed it down to the problem being, one skeletal Mesh with 2 different Constraints working at the same time, this seems to be the issue since I’ve tried with the same actor , with both constraints by themselves, it works fine… but if it’s constraint to both, it easly jumps around the room.