Physics bodies are separating from skeletal mesh

any ideas as to why my physics bodies are separating from the model? Screen capture - f25b602588dce1490ff74c37c0cf0f12 - Gyazo

Yes. There are way too many of them.
each link in the chain cassessment the effect to be more visible.
you can try to increase the Tensor Scale on the proper axis to counter it a bit, but it doesn’t really work well with more then 4 bones in the chain.

its weird because the arms are working properly but everything else is detaching Screen capture - 5d7e146eb0f62454fce4473ec4cefb7b - Gyazo, in the game im prototyping i need the arms to be noodle-like, like the limbs in Octodad, would you happen to know of another way that could be achieved?

A material/ vertex function to stimulate a soft body perhaps?

You cold also reduce the number of bones to something like 5 and ramp up the tensor scale properly.