Physics Ball from example jumps between two planes (or boxes)

Hi, currently i created “physics ball” example project. Instead of default level i have created empty level with 4 planes (one by one), when ball moving between two planes it jumps. Is it a lag? how can i create dynamic level (planes one by one)?

Hey there, can you show a video of the issue?

As Xlar8or asked, a video would help, but I will take a stab and say that you need to make sure your two ‘planes’ are aligned perfectly. There should be no gap between them and no difference in height.

It seems that Settings->Physics->Max Contact Offset = 0.001 fixed issue. This problem persists on flat surface too.

Hey that’s great! You figured it out. You should put this in an answer and mark it as the right one (click the check-mark to the left of any given answer).