Physics asset flying around

I imported FBX character and setup all animations fine. Only prob I have it that my physic asset preforms really bad. Asset is automatically created on import. On simulation it flies around like mad
I noticed that for some characters it creates good but in this case it is very bad.
It looks like it gets some constant force on it and because of that it jumps around.
Is there any tool around for good tweaking of physics values or something easy to use.
Thnx for any help

Is it possible that somewhere in worldSettings I have some settings to add constant force on character

first of, by default it will interact with the capsule component - because it’s a physics body. So, if you enable simulation and it doesn’t drop to a ragdoll, the issue is the collision.

Second of. the automated system is never any good. You should be making your own PHAT asset for whatever it is.

The jumping around is probably not because of constraints but because of inner collision, As in 2 or more components within the PHAT are colliding with each-other - causing movement and explosion if they are next to each other.

Nothing “easy” to use. just trial and error until you figure it out. I don’t even think the Epic team has figured it out btw, so don’t feel bad :open_mouth: