Physics asset editor not working with Daz characters?

Is there something about Daz characters that the physics asset editor doesn’t like? I’m having loads of trouble even just setting up a single constraint to do what I want. I’ve used physics assets many many times before… so I think I know what I’m doing but it’s just not working. I can’t add bodies to some of the bones and constraints are behaving weirdly and not rotating in the way I set them up.

When I click on add/replace body on ThighBend it adds a body to the shin instead… similar thing happens with other joints.

Well I would have to see the project but I can confirm that we have had no major issues using G3 no more or less than one would experience using any other custom based rig.

The G3 rig does have some variation from the stock Epic rig but easy enough to reconfigure before committing any animations.

What will not work is things like 2 bone IK or any physics dependent on an IK type solution. This is caused by the parent,parent linking of the bones normally used for twist instead of the expected parent, child link of the Epic rig.

Hey Frankie thanks for the reply. Part of the problem fixed itself but I’m still having a bit of trouble with the constraints not rotating how they should. Maybe I just need to update my project from 4.19 or look at it again with fresh eyes.

I actually found a way to do two bone IK using virtual bones btw! You perform the IK on a virtual bone and then copy the rotation.