Physics Asset Editor needs improvement


I would like the epic team to hear this review. UnrealEngine is a great engine.
But some solutions and design tools are rather strange.
I will criticize PhysicsAssetEditor with the hope that it will be “repaired” to a normal state.

The new Physics Asset Editor is simply disgusting. It is as uncomfortable as possible.
so that you can be sure to try setting up a physical asset from a simple example.
just try to create another one new :



1 - constraint is poorly visualized, it is not visible between which physical bodies
solution: add a visualization line between two connected bodies (and add a hitbox for it to highlight)

2 - earlier it was convenient to select either constraint or physical bodies, now the selection does not work normally.
solution: add, it is possible to separate physical bodies and constraints in the viewport separately (see point 1)

3 - the creation of constraints between two bodies is possible only by knowing the names, it is not possible to select the visic body in the viewport and create a constraint

Solution: creation of constraints is not via the context menu, but by creating a viewport in the viewport by selecting the necessary one and clicking on the physical body that is being connected to the cradle.
also if the creation of the context menu in the list is to highlight the physical body in the viewport with color

4 - absolutely useless graph … it does not bring any good
Solution: the graph should display a clear and complete picture of the current state of the asset, and not just the selected one, so that you can see the situation in real time during editing.
I do not see any other use … for example, the state machine fits well as a basis


  • there is no possibility to disable collisions between arbitrary physical bodies, you have to do free constraint to disable the collision between two bodies
    what pollutes the process.
    solution at first: custom variable array - ignored collisions, for each physical body